Weekly Staff Pick: The Voices Made Me Play It

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Video games can be so weird sometimes, you know? Talking animals are standing at every corner, inventories defy space limitations, and gravity has little authority in there. Thus, it takes a special brand of surrealism to astound players, yet some games manage to pull it off in spectacular, mind-boggling fashion. Sure, you can proclaim The Voices Made Me Play It! if you want, but we both know that you thoroughly enjoyed it. And how couldn’t you, when these Weekly Staff Pick include some of the most brilliantly offbeat games out there, with intoxicating discounts sprinkled on top.

Are you sure you wish to call Hotline Miami? There is unapologetic brutality, ruthless top-down combat, and satisfying bloodshed waiting for you on the other end. Exactly what you were looking for, you say? Well then, get in there and spread some mayhem. We’ll just lock the door from the outside, if that’s alright.

Do you also sometimes have a Deadly Premonition that you’ll get hacked in half by a raincoat-wearing psycho when you go around asking questions about a beautiful girl’s death? Or is detective York just imagining things? There’s definitely something odd going on in this cult action/adventure but you must get your brain to squint if you are to piece the mystery together.

Take the blue pill and it will be just another day in the office. Take the red pill and everybody will think of you as a Jazzpunk: secret agent man, champion of bizarre mini-games, and appreciator of psychedelic art – a model employee. As long as you don’t skip on that prescription your boss gave you.

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