Weekly Sale Vol. 9: Up to 80% of Darksiders, Titan Quest Anniversary, Aquanox, The Book of Unwritten Tales, and more!

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A cool-as-ice collection of Nordic winners, up to 80% off!

Cold winters aren’t the most welcome of seasons for a lot of people. But Nordic’s frosty collection of games never fails to warm our hearts. Our Weekly Sale Vol. 9 is chock-full of them, featuring discounts that go up to -80%!

Recently Warmastered for another round of epic action/platforming and over-the-top mayhem, Darksiders tells the story of the gruffest Horseman of the Apocalypse as he sets out to clear his name. If he has to rough up some oversized bosses, solve wicked environmental puzzles, and slaughter hordes of demonic creatures to get the job done, well then so be it.

As another glorious return of a timeless kill-fest, Titan Quest Anniversary Edition still stands tall among its peers. Putting mythical creatures to the sword (or fireball) never stops being fun, whether you’re clearing out a monster infestation in Greece, Egypt, or Asia.

As always, there’s more – including The Book of Unwritten Tales 2, This is the Police, Aquanox, Desperados, The Dwarves, and many more!

The Weekly Sale Vol. 9 will last until March 27, 5PM UTC.

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