Weekly Sale Vol. 14: Up to 90% off The Escapists, Slain: Back from Hell, 88 Heroes, Deadly Premonition, and more!

Classic Games

Stylish burglaries, heavy-metal fighting, psychedelic mysteries.

Summer is not here yet, but the Weekly Sale Vol. 14 sure is! Before you start packing the stuff you most want to leave buried in the dunes, there’s still enough time to discover refreshing games that will make you miss your PC even more when you two get separated.

She may be plenty photogenic but she prefers to keep away from cameras. See, The Marvellous Miss Take is the kind of girl who knows how to take what she wants, even if it’s hanging on the wall of a high-security gallery packed with dutiful guards and unexpected obstacles.

How can six butt-ugly lords of darkness hope to stop a heavy-metal swordsman Back from Hell from kicking the slime out of them? Well, they could try turning down the music, but that would probably just anger Bathoryn even more and his sword is already glowing…

As always, there’s more – including 88 Heroes, The Escapists, Lumo, Deadly Premonition, and plenty of others!

The Weekly Sale Vol. 14 will last until May 08, 4:00 PM UTC.

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