Weekly Sale Vol. 12: 75% off Deus Ex, Hitman, Legacy of Kain, and more timeless series.

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A collection of gaming’s legends.

This week seems like it’s going to be Legen–wait for it–dary. As legendary as the games in our Weekly Sale Vol. 12, including some of Square Enix’s most absolutely memorable classics at 75% off.

Every time somebody mentions Deus Ex, someone else makes that damn joke about reinstalling. It’s no wonder because the classic entries in this series have earned every right to be placed among the greatest action-RPGs ever. In case you missed it, we recently wrote about Deus Ex: Revision a free and fantastic community mod which not only improves on perfection, but also throws in over 200+ GOG Galaxy achievements to boot.

Recently Hitman has made his way back into the mainstream, and in no small part thanks to the newest entry’s understanding of the classic formula. A testament to its timelessness, Contracts and Silent Assasin hold up amazingly even today. If you haven’t played them yet – now’s your chance!

Even though we haven’t heard Legacy of Kain news in ages, the series’ best like Blood Omen and Soul Reaver remain memorable and recognizable for their unique tone and intense gameplay. Would we kill for a modern take on Legacy of Kain? We say yes! But try the classics and see for yourself.

It wouldn’t be a week without even more games on sale – including Gex, Anachronox, Daikatana and more at 75% off (and stay tuned for more deals this Friday!) in the Weekly Sale Vol. 12, lasting until April 24, 5:00 PM UTC.

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