Weekly Sale: Pulling no punches – Up to 80% off

Classic Games

Blast demonic hordes, punch a dragon, crack a book.

Violence is not the answer to everything in life but it is the answer to angry pixels coming your way. Especially when they are arranged in a particularly menacing and/or unattractive fashion.
This Weekly Sale has its fair share of such beasts but also situations where a relatively non-violent resolution is possible. Let’s take a look:

If painfully ugly but highly detailed monsters are what you crave, then Shadow Warrior 2 delivers in a big way. Served up with Lo Wang’s biting snark, tons of awesome weapons, and beautiful, procedural environments, it makes demon-slaying the violent delight it’s ought to be.

Not sure how a Book can hold Unwritten Tales but it’s probably magic. It’s always magic. Wilbur, Ivo, Nate and the loveable Critter have had numerous puzzling encounters with it and they always end up with a hilarious story to tell. Join them, why don’t you.

The Weekly Sale ends July 23, 10 PM UTC.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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