Weekly Sale Phase II: Shadow Warrior 2, Enter the Gungeon, Hotline Miami, Hatoful Boyfriend, and more!

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Skin demonic hordes, answer the call of violence, date lovely chicks!

The second round of Weekly Sale deals brings plenty of yummy Devolver games to the table. Let’s take a closer look at some of those that just joined the feast:

No demon limb is safe when Wang is on the prowl. In Shadow Warrior 2, the potty-mouthed death-dealer returns in full force, blazing through procedurally generated levels and bloodying all kinds of uglies with a devastating combination of magic and sick-looking weapons.

Less graphic but no less spectacular is the violent symphony that all who Enter the Gungeon must know how to dance to. Eccentric anti-heroes, crazy loot, outlandish weapons, and shifting dungeons full of unforgiving enemies. Can you claim the ultimate prize?

That’s not all, though! There’s plenty more to love here, like: Hotline Miami, Dropsy, Hatoful Boyfriend, Reigns, OlliOlli, and several other winners, up to -90%! Don’t forget – there are just a few days left to grab what you want!

Did you miss Monday’s launch of our Weekly Sale? Check it out – it was all about stylish role-playing and tactical challenges.

The Weekly Sale will last until May 1st, 4:00 PM UTC.

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