Weekly Sale Phase II: Septerra Core, Knights and Merchants, Earth 2160, and more!

Classic Games

Journey towards a planet’s core, unite a medieval kingdom or shape humanity’s future.

How do you improve upon a Weekly Sale that excels in offering a variety of quality options? You just inject some more variety in there!

Though not as renowned as their Settlers cousins, Knights and Merchants offer an equally deep strategic experience when it comes to managing and expanding your medieval settlements. Will you become the ruler that the provinces need, in order to prosper once again?

If you needed proof that JRPGs and cyberpunk can play nicely together, the engrossing world of Septerra Core will do. Hard to go wrong when you’ve got solid turn-based combat mechanics atop an epic storyline featuring a planet run by a living computer.

That’s not all, though, Enclave, Dream Pinball 3D, and Jagged Alliance 2 Wildfire have also been added to the mix. Better act fast – there are just a few days left to grab what you want from the entire selection!

Did you miss Monday’s launch of our Weekly Sale? Check it out – it has something for the curious gamer inside all of us.

The Weekly Sale will last until May 29, 4:00 PM UTC.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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