Weekly Sale: I got a plan – Up to 90% off

Classic Games

Master and commander.

Last week was about reaping the benefits of being a well-wisher. This week is about being master and commander. A battalion of strategy games await your orders inside our Weekly Sale barracks, flying an up to -90% banner.

Battle Brothers: Soldiers of fortune are rarely noble, but man do they get the job done. With some smart maneuvering on your part, lots of grit, and little bit of luck, they will soon be a force to be reckoned with in this dark fantasy world of blood and mud.

Craft the World: Tactical gameplay is not just about laying waste but also about laying the foundations for a world of your own making! Control a tribe of industrious dwarves as they build, defend, and expand their settlements against the magical meanies of the land.

The Weekly Sale ends April 30, 10 PM UTC.

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