Weekly Sale: Beauty and the beasts, up to 85% off

Classic Games

It’s survival of the cuddliest! And the craftiest.

Who doesn’t want to be a caring she-badger or a protective mother lynx, offering Shelter to their young under the indifferent gaze of mother nature? Perhaps you prefer to venture further out, travel the globe in search of hidden wonders as a crafty Renowned Explorer driven by greed or the sense of adventure.
Well, now you can do both these things and more, thanks to our Weekly Sale lineup!

If cuddly beasts with strong survival instincts are not your thing (what’s wrong with you?) then try your hand at something more cerebral but no less cute: a trip to the whimsical world of Pan-Pan or Pid, where puzzles and surprises abound.

Need something gloomier? Then go ahead and scratch that itch with Infested Planet, Fear Equation, or Zafehouse: Diaries.

The Weekly Sale will last until December 12, 11 PM UTC.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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