Weekly Sale: A victory for good taste – Up to 90% off

Classic Games

It’s an all-you-can-play bouffet!

The Chinese New Year Sale is about to bid us zaijian but don’t fret: another delicious Weekly sale is here to keep you pleasantly flummoxed about what to get and when to play it. It’s a potpourri of acclaimed heavyweights, distinguished indies and cult oldies you need to check out.

Emerge into a post-apocalyptic Moscow and get nibbled on by packs mutated monstrosities, aggressive radioactive residue and some kind of nightmarish spider-crabs; yup, this the Metro series alright.

Add some color to your life with the stunning Trine series, a magical fairytale place where puzzles and platforming intertwine in perfect unison. Gather some friends for a co-op session and then jump right into Nine Parchments, the chaotic fireball-’em-up set in the same colorful universe.

When you feel ready to be challenged and rewarded in equal measure, star your very own Rogue Legacy, an action/platformer for the whole family. Because defeating evil takes more quite a few generations to fully master.

The Weekly sale ends February 26, 11 PM UTC.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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