Weekend Sale: Ubisoft + Shooters, up to 80% off

Classic Games

Princes, Settlers, Raymen, and A LOT of bullets.

Look at all these classics! It’s like a museum of modern art in here. French-made art, for the most part. Ubisoft’s catalog is up to 75% off in our special Ubisoft Weekend Sale and you may want to grab yourself a guide before you go looking for the right game.

There is a strategy wing, with Heroes of Might and Magic, Anno, Settlers, Warlords Battlecry, and Panzer General dominating the place. Cross to the opposite room and you’ll find yourself surrounded by action hero legends Prince of Persia, Altair, and Sam Fisher, the manic Rabbids, and an unforgettable adventure Beyond Good & Evil, among others. Oh and make sure you don’t miss the RPG corner where legends like Might and Magic, Anvil of Dawn, and Albion are displayed, or the aisle with Rayman mementos on either side – both in charming 3D and in stunning 2D cartoon form.

Those looking exclusively for adrenaline-induced thrills should try our shooter range which sports the likes of STRAFE, Nex Machina, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Devil Daggers, F.E.A.R., Cryptark, and ECHO, among others.

The Ubisoft Weekend Sale ends August 6th, 10am UTC.

The Shooter Sale last until August 6th, 10pm UTC.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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