Weekend Sale: Allez les bleus, up to 90% off

Classic Games

Cheese, wine, and games? Pas mal, pas mal.

Alors mes amis, it’s time for some magnifique French games on discount, non? From the land of vertically challenged military leaders and accomplished national football teams, comes a selection of locally-produced games that are fine as wine. We’ve also thrown in some titles that recently received French localization, why not.
So don your best frock and let’s go make their acquaintance in our special Weekend Sale!

The roguevania sensation Dead Cells needs little introduction but lots of skillz. Treat yourself to an explosion of fancy pixels as you dash, slash, and act like a total badass while gradually unlocking the game’s interconnected levels.

Embark on the impossibly charming Ghost of a Tale and scamper around lush environments as the heroic mouse minstrel Tilo, who will stop at nothing to reconnect with the love of his life.

The Weekend Sale ends July 16th, 10pm UTC.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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