Weekend Promo: YAY, EA!

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60% off Theme Hospital, Dungeon Keeper 2, SimCity 4 and more EA classics!

Check it: Games ‘n’ discounts! Fun, fun, play! Weekend Promo: YAY, EA! We’ve got a big bundle of DRM-free awesomeness for you guys this weekend, all at a flat 60% discount – talk about pieces of electronic art. They should have sent a poet…

This weekend we’re looking at a sale that’s over 40 titles strong – and just about all of them deserve a line or two. There are the Dungeon Keeper classics, both just the way you remember and still very much beautiful. You can get your managerial itch scratched whichever way you like with SimCity, Alpha Centauri and Theme Park – or you can take on a much bigger role with all three of the the Populous games. Finally – once you’re done managing, how can you say no to a more daring experience? With tried and true classics like Ultima 7, Jade Empire and Wing Commander you won’t be back for a looong time to come.

That’s not even close to all that we’ve got in store for you this weekend – the 60% discount on Electronic Arts’ greatest classics will last until Tuesday, March 17 at 4:59 AM GMT. Can just one man hope to articulate the awesomeness? Let’s try again: Weekend promo, sales buffet! Gaming’s bestest: YAY, EA!


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