Weekend Promo: Winter Wonders

Classic Games

Worms, Bloodrayne, Stronghold HD series and many more Winter Wonders 70% off!

The holidays have come and gone. Wintery days are getting longer and colder. It’s the perfect weekend to warm up your computer, curl up with a good game, and take some time to appreciate the wonders of winter. Get comfortable and enjoy the Winter Wonders promo, featuring a wonderful 70% off for over 20 classic titles.

Feeling like the king of your castle? You’d be right at home with the Stronghold HD series.The historical RTS developed by Firefly Studios is all about protecting your name, and your kingdom, in a relentless flurry of cold hearted foes. This gloriously high definition upgrade to a timeless classic is best served with a warm cup of tea.

The wintertime can be tough on all kinds of critters and tiny little creatures. Some hibernate, others migrate to warmer pastures, but you can always count on our little pink friends to heat things up with their handy arsenal of explosives. Getting cold? The Worms have you covered.

If the little buggers don’t get you hot enough, check out Bloodrayne. Throw yourself guns blazing and knives swinging into the heat of battle against the Nazi regime and a malicious vampire threat. These classics had a generation of gamers completely smitten, and there is nothing cozier than a little winter romance.

If you need more excuses to stay home and warm this weekend, check out the entire Winter Wonders promo lineup featuring 20+ great titles 70% off until 4:59AM GMT on Tuesday, January 13.

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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