Weekend Promo: #StreamTeam Selection

Classic Games

50-75% off Shantae: Risky’s Revenge, Recettear, Jade Empire, Dungeon Keeper, Unreal Tournament and more…

Have you met the GOG.com #StreamTeam yet? They’re a fantastic bunch of gamers, game lovers, entertainers. They’re also on Twitch.tv/GOGcom every single day to bring you great gaming content with love. We asked them to pick out some of their favorite titles from the GOG.com catalog to include in this week’s Weekend Promo: #StreamTeam Selection – all from 50-75% off.

And here’s what they have to say about their favorite picks:
A freelance voice actor and YouTuber of other stuff, features Skulls of the Shogun – Humorous with nice artwork and a good amount of depth for it’s simplicity, as well as Raiden 3 – the classic Shmup that offers fast paced in your face action at a reasonably high skill level.

A games critic, fanatic, freelancer, blogger, and way more. He’s “just a dude who loves games”. He also loves streaming Surgeon Simulator. A lot: “Oh my days! How much fun is Surgeon Simulator?! In a world where simulators always fell short of feeling realistic – Bossa studios took it upon themselves to create a hyper-realistic simulator that puts you in the shoes of an untrained janitor who fancies himself a surgeon. Personally, Surgeon Simulator is a lovely change, it’s stupid, the actions you take lead to usually hilarious outcomes and under all of this there is an actual challenge there that needs completing. Buy the game, like the game, tell your friends, tweet me your best screenshots @ScreamingJoypad and most of all – Stay Awesome!”

Teacher by day, dreamer by night, streamer somewhere in between. One of the favorites is Wacky Wheels: “Sick of your kart racing games being console exclusives that feature overweight plumbers and anthropomorphic testudines? Start your engines for this DOS classic that stars a …read more

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