Weekend Promo: Strategy* Selection (*with a touch of action)

Classic Games

60-80% off Majesty HD, Sacred 2, Hearts of Iron III, Risen, Crusader Kings and more.

Who says games can’t teach you a thing? It’s not like, planning, scheming, and executing massive assaults aren’t useful life skills. We use these skills every single day, and we’ve only learned from the best. This weekend on promo, we’re being smart, tactical, and brutally efficient with our Strategy* Selection (*with a touch of action) – 38 games at 60-80% off!

The Hearts of Iron series is easily among the deepest World War II strategy games ever made. A deep simulation runs beneath the map, including hundreds of provinces, governments, heads of state, a sophisticated economy and a near-infinite amount of tactical possibilities. If you’re just starting out, we recommend Hearts of Iron III for the most accessible learning curve of the bunch.
The Crusader Kings is a world-famous series known for its one-of-a-kind concept, focusing on building a single, unbreakable dynasty of rulers. A complex network of dukes, counts, and all manner of nobles compete for their place in history books in a web of courtly intrigue and betrayal. Once you’ve sired a successor, or maybe a dozen, the one worthy of carrying on the legacy will be the last to hear you scream.
Majesty Gold HD alongside the Majesty 2 Collection are unique, hands-off take on strategy. You’re here to focus on the big picture, you’re people are well and good on their own, thank you very much. If there’s a job to be done – you’d better have a good motivator. Money, money tends to work.
For a touch of action, Risen is a robust action-RPG from the developers behind Gothic, and it’s a dream come true for the fans. It’s a raw and atmospheric world in which every choice has a consequence, and there …read more

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