Weekend Promo: Strategy and Action Special

Classic Games

Get Jagged Alliance titles, Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord, Sacred, Ghost Master, FlatOut, and more strategy and action classics 60% off!

What’s makes a balanced gaming diet? As we understand it, it should be composed of a solid main course, and something lighter for dessert. In our Strategy First catalog it’s not hard to compose such a delicious meal. One of the deep and complex strategy games would serve as the main course, and there’s plenty of action games to go with them. If just one plate leaves you hungry for more, there’s no point in denying yourself seconds. Everything on the menu is 60% off, this weekend. We know you’d like to go ahead and dig in, so let’s just name a few dishes from our Strategy and Action Special weekend promo, shall we?

We’ve got games from the Jagged Alliance series, if you like army rations served with a rich turn-based tactical sauce. We’ve got Space Empires IV Deluxe and O.R.B. Offworld Resource Base, if your taste in strategy calls for something otherworldly exotic. There’s also some hot and spicy auto racing in Flatout, for those of you who like fast food. Finally, if you’re trying …read more

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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