Weekend Promo: Retroism + Wargaming + Majesco

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Up to 90% off essential classics like Pirates! Gold Plus, Total Annihilation, Master of Orion Collector’s Edition, Bloodrayne, and more!

Despite the staggering variety of fantasy worlds we’ve been treated to throughout the years, it’s not all that common that you find vampires, pirates, and space aliens hanging out in the same place. And yet, that’s exactly what happens inside the joined catalogs of Retroism + Wargaming + Majesco! So take advantage of the up to -90% discounts, go meet this intriguing mosaic of diverse characters, and make them play nice.

Darklands invites you to a 15th-century fantasy world steeped in hardships, spooky folktales, and fanaticism. The incredible details, oppressive atmosphere, and heavy customization options on your four-member party will remind you why this grim RPG has withstood the test of time.

What happens when our first contact with an alien civilization comes with a warning about the imminent extinction of the human race? Advent Rising explores that grim scenario with gusto, offering solid action/adventure gameplay and awesome psychic powers.

Few real-time strategies have depicted mass-scale battles as successfully as the Total Annihilation series. Warfare between armies of mean machines or creatures of immense magic never stops being fascinating, especially when coupled with robust mechanics and great units diversity.

Looking for thrills, tactical challenges, gory action, or even relaxed swashbuckling? You’ll find it all in the combined Retroism + Wargaming + Majesco catalogs, going for up to 90% off. Pick between Bloodrayne, Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1, Requiem: Avenging Angel, Master of Orion Collector’s Edition, or the dozens of other gems.
The promo will last until October 18, 3:59 AM UTC.

But that’s not all! Starting today, We Are The Dwarves, the squad-based action/adventure with the unique space setting, is 33% off for an indefinite amount of time!

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