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Up to 75% off Falcon Collection, Two Worlds 2, Pajama Sam, Colonization, Warlords Battlecry and more…

Remember that game? You know the one, we used to play it so much! It’s been years, I don’t really remember much – but I do know it was one of the best things ever. What was it called again? Whatever… chances are, you’ll find it in our newest Retro Mishmash – where childhood memories and utter classics collide at up to 75% off!

Releasing just in time to join the promo, the Falcon Collection is one of those games you’ve probably played before, even if you didn’t know exactly what it was – it was pretty fascinating. And if you did play it intentionally – you’ve probably wished you could try it again for just a while. Now, the entire collection of the most realistic and in-depth simulators of the era is here including Falcon, Falcon A.T., Falcon 3.0 and a your-mileage-may-vary bonus goodie: Falcon 4.0!

Of course, that’s not all – there’s also Pajama Sam – a quirky and educational adventure title perfect for children of all ages. Yes, ALL ages.
Pirates! Gold Plus is a trip back in time in more ways than one. Not only do you get live out an open-world pirate fantasy as told in one of Sid Meier’s cult hits – you can do it 1987 OR 1993 style. Sid Meier’s Colonization, on the other hand, will have you attempting to fulfill your very own Manifest Destiny – a New World awaits those ingenious enough to prosper.

Retro Mishmash is a true variety of retro games it’d be kinda cool to play again – all up to 75% off. The promo will last until Tuesday, October 27, 3:59 AM GMT.

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