Weekend Promo: Piñata Afterparty

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Up to 80% off Lichdom: Battlemage, Agarest, Shadowrun, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., The Book of Unwritten Tales, and more!

Missing our awesome swingin’ ass already? Get some more this weekend without beating it! Let our bouncin’ burro unload his sloppy, yet still irresistible discounted seconds onto your gaming shelf at prices as low as 80% off in the throes of an Indie Piñata Afterparty. with some new specially discounted arrivals.

You’ve got to mingle with at least some of our incredible guests – and there are many! Often called the best in their Harebrained Schemes’ series, Shadowrun: Dragonfall paves the way at a stylish 75% discount. You can’t miss Dreamfall Chapters, an amazing start to an addictive story now available with a 50% discount. The Book of Unwritten Tales triad, in all their charming, quirky glory are also hanging out with us with the youngest of them at 75% off and the other two joining Dreamfall at half price. Prefer something with more of a bang? Get into the FPS and survival (war)zone, you may want to go for the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series with all three titles available at a bulletproof 60% off.

Cure your promo hangover with the Indie Piñata Afterparty with offers straight from our piñata’s confetti-filled heart up to 80% off. The promo will last until Tuesday, September 22nd, 3:59am GMT.

Stream watch:

Head to Twitch.tv/GOGcom tonight to see our streamers feature games from this awesome selection!

8pm GMT / 10pm CEST / 4pm EDT: The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 with Flaose
12am GMT / 2am CEST / 8pm EDT: D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die with Pantsless Shorts

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