Weekend Promo: Nordic In-N-Out

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Nordic In-n-Out: complete your Nordic Games catalog with titles like The Guild series, the Spellforce saga, and Black Mirror 1&2 up to 90% off!

How you like THEM apples?!! We teamed up with our friends at Nordic to bring back their games to GOG.com for one more brief but glorious stint. Their entire catalog will be available for purchase for the next 4 days and it’s an offer you can’t refuse. You can get all the great titles at individual discounts ranging from 75% to 85%, or you can complete your Nordic catalog with all the missing games at 90% off! Let’s take a look at some of the highlights on offer.

The Spellforce series delivers an RTS/RPG mixture depicting a fantasy saga of epic proportions. With a vast realm to explore and conquer, a huge collection of story-driven scenarios, and many memorable character, this series is something that every strategy and RPG fan should try at least once, especially when it’s 85% off.

Painkiller: Black Edition is everything you love about old-school first person perspective shooters delivered in a good-looking, demonic package. The protagonist of the game takes on the denizens of hell and delivers a royal whooping to the fallen angel host and their monstrous pets. With incredible weapon design, satisfying fast-paced gameplay, and hordes of foes to shred to pieces, this game will satisfy your need for ultimate badassdom.

And let’s not forget about the one-two combo of the acclaimed Gothic series with Gothic 2 Gold Edition and Gothic 3 available 85% off. Prepare yourself for a long and enjoyable visit to the realm of Myrtana full of peril and mystery.

There are many more gems among the 35 titles included in the promo so make sure you head on to the promo page and pick your own Nordic notables. Make haste, the games will only be available for purchase for the next 96 hours! The offer lasts until Tuesday, December 23, at 10:59AM GMT.

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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