Weekend Promo: Introversion + DotEmu + XSEED

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Up to 80% off hidden gems like Corpse Party, Prison Architect, Raiden Legacy, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, and more!

Sometimes the games that stay with you the longest are not the epic, loud, or visually impressive ones, but those who happen to come along when you’re looking for something surprising and unconventional. Introversion + DotEmu + XSEED have plenty of that on offer, so if you’re in the market for underground classics or out-of-the-box experiences, that’s the right place for you. Especially with that handy up to 80% discount on them!

Have you ever attended an after school Corpse Party with your friends? It’s not something you would forget: there are vengeful spirits, horrible secrets, and plenty of misplaced guts involved. If you navigate the mysteries and live to tell the tale, you’ll be the talk of your school for ages to come! Shame about those you had to leave behind, though…

Every now and then you just need a good first-person RPG fix. Ishar Compilation will test your combat and orientation skills, as you’re leading your party of five adventurers through the unfamiliar but rewarding dungeons where evil reigns supreme.

The pop culture has trained us to think of maximum security prisons as hellish backdrops for great breakout stories. Prison Architect lets you run the place and make sure that the conditions will not make your inmates itch for an escape. Not that they could pull it off, of course.

Looking for haunting stories, some old-school RPG fun, or a proper management challenge? It’s all here inside the Introversion + DotEmu + XSEED catalogs, going for up to 80% off. Pick between Raiden Legacy, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, Little King’s Story, Defcon, or one of the other little-known gems.
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