Weekend Promo: Indie Twenty

Classic Games

Machinarium Collector’s Edition, Gone Home, The Cat Lady, Evoland, and more up to 70% off.

The Indie Twenty, like Ocean’s Eleven, but with way more game. We’ve been spoiling ourselves with huge bundles all week long, but not every single game could make it to the party. This weekend, at up to 70% off (with one at -80%), we offer you twenty beautiful, independent titles that don’t need no bundle.

Machinarium Collector’s Edition is a beautiful point and click puzzle/adventure, one little robot’s story of love and overcoming adversity, which still manages to be an original, unforgettable adventure with puzzles that are all about logic, not trial-and-error. Gone Home is one of the original “walking simulators” – go in expecting a new experience, not a typical gamer’s game, and you will find the freedom to participate in a captivating story built from scattered bits and pieces, and from that which is written between the lines. Original, disturbing, memorable – traits shared by the two terrifying point and click titles: The Cat Lady and Downfall, low-fi by design, they’ll teach you a new meaning of uneasy. The Samaritan Paradox, with it’s special old-school charm, offers more high-quality point and click indie design, and if you’re looking for other modern spins on retro gameplay, check out the back-to-the-roots Retro City Rampage DX, or Evoland, also known as an evolving history lesson in game design.

Every single item in this weekend’s Indie Twenty has a noteworthy, unique quality that should be experienced at least once. Pick and choose from these twenty indies at up to 70% off, until Tuesday, April 21, 3:59 AM GMT.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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