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Up to 90% off Blackwell, Gemini Rue, Deponia, Blackguards 2, The Raven and more!

It’s Gamescom week! All eyes are turned towards the big guys and the smaller players for a sneak peek at the next year in gaming. We too are watching with anticipation to see what new gaming adventures, trials, and exciting tribulations await us in the not so distant future. While we watch and listen, these four days are all about some of the awesomest adventures you have to catch up on – it’s our sorta-extended Gamescom Adventure with deals up to 90% off!

It’s a weekend filled with adventure from some of the best in the biz! Two titans – Deadelic and Wadjet Eye Games – come together each with their own unique flavor of classic point and click adventure. From Wadjet Eye’s classically pixelated tales are gems like the famous, supernatural Blackwell series, or the dystopian cyberpunk story of Gemini Rue (will you see the twist coming?). For an even more twisted story of a post-apocalyptic humanity, check out Dead Synchronicity, a game that has at one point been described as “Guybrush meets Mad Max meets 12 Monkeys”.

Then, there are the Daedalic adventures – games from a team that has nearly perfected the modern point and click. You can’t not try the Deponia trilogy, featuring beautiful cartoony graphics and heaps of brilliant humor, all set on a garbage filled planet known as Deponia – full of gadgets, gizmos, and the weirdest most likeable gang of characters you’ll meet. Though it’s not quite your standard – there’s plenty of pointing, clicking, and adventure to be had in the critically acclaimed Blackguards 2, a completely hexy, turn based, tactical RPG which will either break you or excite you with its plethora of fresh tactical options.

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