Weekend Promo: Fall for Nordic

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Up to 75% off Darksiders II, Pax Imperia, Spellforce 2, Black Mirror 3, Silver, and moreā€¦

Fall is here (where applicable) and that means all kinds of things are falling. Leaves are falling, temperatures are falling, we’re falling down in puddles of rainwater, and even a bunch of game prices are falling. Bet ya didn’t see that coming. That’s right, so fall in love with the Norse as 30+ Nordic Games are on sale at up to 75% off in Weekend Promo: Fall for Nordic

Don’t fear the reaper. Be the reaper (of war) in Darksiders, and (of death) in Darksiders II. A pair of brutal hack’n’slash titles and the tale of two Horsemen of The Apocalypse. Become the massive, towering, powerful War and bash your foes into submission, or become the fast and agile Death and… bash your foes into submission.
Pax Imperia: Eminent Domain – the real time intergalactic strategy on the 4X scale, a grand scale that spans star systems and alien races. Design your own race, research and build massive starships and planet-crushing superweapons, locate the most fertile worlds, and become emperor of a harsh, cold universe.
Silver is Europe’s answer to the jRPG – a conflict of light versus dark, and steel versus evil. A unique mouse-based combat system will have you slashing, stabbing and chopping up enemies by your own hand.
Jack is life. Jack is love. Jack Keane 2 – The Fire Within – just got a hefty permanent price drop on top of the promo discount. The cinematic point & click adventure featuring the handsome, the legendary, the one of a kind, Jack Keane features a vivid art style and plenty of humor, like any solid adventure should.

Fall in love with Nordic Games just in time for your extended fall gaming sessions, with 30+ games at …read more

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