Weekend Promo: Back to Old-School

Classic Games

Up to 70% off Gothic, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Leisure Suit Larry, Carmageddon, The Chronicles of Riddick and moreā€¦

How was your summer vacation? Did you take a vacation? Our summer wasn’t very vacationy, but it sure was cool. We had an amazing Summer Sale, we unleashed batches of fun upon you including Bethesda, The Forgotten Realms, Telltale, and Warhammer. We rolled out our Windows 10 support, and many of us are still playing through the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Yeah, it’s a big game.
But now, summer vacation is winding down, and while many of you are waiting for the first school-bells to ring, or unable to tell the difference – we’re going Back to Old-School for a weekend of deals up to 70% off!

What’s more summery than a long day at a theme park? The beach, maybe. But other than the beach, few things are more summery than a long day at a theme park. Rollercoaster Tycoon is the best way to design your very own summer adventure with thrill rides and waterparks, your own wonderland (don’t forget to make money!) simply put, even after all these years it’s still one of the best Tycoon series ever released.

Already missing your summer romance? Ditch the shorts and swim trunks, a leisure suit is the only way to dress for new conquests. Leisure Suit Larry‘s greatest hits and misses are a hilarious series of misadventures featuring the most loving guy in town.

Then, there is the original Gothic trilogy. There’s an eternal argument as to which one is the best (the fellow typing this can’t get enough of Gothic 3), but great open worlds and relatively few rules make these games some of the most quintessential old-school RPGs. Go anywhere anytime you want, and do your best not to accidentally kill a quest …read more

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