Weekend Promo: A Nordic State of Play

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Up to 80% off The Book of Unwritten Tales 2, Darksiders, Impossible Creatures and more.

Gaming is more than a hobby, more than an awesome, creative, self-fulfilling, cathartic pastime. It is a state of mind. And to get into any kind of mindset, you need the appropriate stimulants. This Weekend Promo will get you acquainted with the Nordic State of Play, prompting your craving for diverse gaming experiences, which can both reinforce and alter your gaming habits. So let the Nordic winds of change roll in through your window(s) as you follow these 46 steps to fully understanding the Nordic State of Play.

If you’ve never warmed up to point’n’click adventure games, The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 is the perfect argument for a change of mind. The four playable characters and the fantasy-spoofing humor will never leave you cold, as you puzzle out how to save the lovely world of Avent├ísia from being irrevocably cute-fied. Yes, even further.

Each game here is a beautiful, unique snowflake. The same can be said for the Impossible Creatures spawned of excessive bio-tampering. Except you’d be hard-pressed to call a spotted rhinopterus beautiful. But you will be grateful to have it by your side when doing tactical battle against the armies of monstrosities unleashed upon the world.

War never changes, but he does get significantly geared-up throughout his epic confrontation with angels, demons, and all sorts of cool-looking Darksiders. After all, it’s the only way for him to overcome the challenging fights and cunning puzzles standing in the way of his rightful vindication.

Get privy to A Nordic State of Play, one game at a time. Pick and choose from the delicious menu of 46 titles available in our Weekend Promo and get all the different gaming nutrients you need from games like Summoner, The …read more

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