Weekend Promo: A Midsummer Gamer’s Dream

Classic Games

Get Leisure Suit Larry, Sacred Gold, Blade of Darkness, Disciples 2 and more dreamy classics 70% off!

Just a concept for you as we’re midway through the summer season: try thinking of PC gaming as a forest, each tree a game–rooted in history, growing stronger with every hour of tense gameplay. Stick to the metaphor and we have a real thicket for you this weekend! Lose yourself in the enchanted forest of crazy adventure, deep strategy, and adrenaline rush. With this awesome selection of titles you’ll need many a night to emerge from the trance. Dream the Midsummer Gamer’s Dream!

It’s only $1.79 for Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail!, undoubtedly one of the raucnhiest and funniest adventure games of yore, featuring fantastic hand-drawn graphics, tons of Easter eggs, and plenty of challenging babes to conquer. If the smell of gasoline and burnt tires puts you into a trance Race Driver: GRID, is available for just $4.49. The game will take you for a spin, the racing circuit extending from San Francisco to Yokohama, and including the grueling experience of Le Mans 24 hours race. Disciples 2 Gold, on the other hand, is a turn-based strategy title with a healthy dose of RPG elements added in for good measure. Grim, with a far darker esthetic than the regular fantasy worlds at the time, the game received universal praise for being an addictive mixture of combat, stunning visuals, and inspired storytelling, all at your fingertips for only $2.99.

Take a look at the promo page, and pick your companions for sleepless summer nights, all available 70% off. The promo lasts until Tuesday, August 12, at 3:59AM GMT.

NEWSFLASH: Today, we are also celebrating the anniversary of one of the most amazing and innovative games of 2013: Papers, Please! The award-winning title is available 50% off until Monday, August 11, at 9:59AM GMT. If you need more convincing just take a look at this impressive collection of accolades, especially for such an adventurous title: Game Developers Choice Award for Innovation and Best Downloadable Game; Independent Games Festival – Seumas McNally Grand Prize for “Excellence in Narrative” and “Excellence in Design”; BAFTA Game Awards Best Game (Strategy and Simulation).

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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