Update: The World Next Door now with local multiplayer

The World Next Door has just received Versus Mode! This free content update lets you pick your favorite Emryn and battle against your friends in the shrines.

• 1v1 local multiplayer puzzle battles
• 8 playable characters (complete quests in Story Mode to unlock)
• 16 unique levels across 4 shrines (complete shrines in Story Mode to unlock)

Two controllers are required for this mode, and players with a new save file may need to replay certain parts of Story Mode to unlock new content in Versus Mode. If you’d rather avoid that, it’s possible to unlock everything with a cheat code. In the title screen, input [LEFT][LEFT][RIGHT][RIGHT][DOWN][DOWN][UP][UP][LEFT][RIGHT] and you’ll get a notification that new content has been unlocked.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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