The Curious Expedition goes to the Arctic – for FREE

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All you need is your scarf, mittens, and gleaming monocle.

The Curious Expedition, the addictive roguelike about 19th century explorers getting into all sorts of trouble while looting uncharted lands, has received a FREE update that’s about to lower the temperature and raise your spirits!

Put on your coats, globetrotters! The Arctic Expanse update is here, taking us to a whole new region and introducing many improvements and additions to the whole experience.
In it, you’ll find:

– Arctic regions with new quests and events
– More characters and enemies
– New perks, valuable items, and ways for you expedition to go horribly wrong

This update also ventures to fine-tune the balancing, improve the interface and UI, and make some other cool little tweaks here and there – all in a sportsmanlike manner, of course. Just put on your warmest smile and go break the ice with the natives!

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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