The awesome legacy of Interplay Entertainment

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There have been many iconic studios throughout gaming’s storied history, but some of the most recognizable ones were born in the 80s. From LucasArts and Activision to 3D Realms and Arc System Works, the list literally goes on and on!

One studio that was established during that timeframe and helped shape the gaming industry into what it is today is the amazing Interplay Entertainment. The company has played a role in many titles, including creating the Fallout series and publishing the early Baldur’s Gate titles, but that’s just the start!

While that might be two of the most mainstream titles to have been touched by the company created by Brian Fargo, Jay Patel, Troy Worrell, and Rebecca Heineman, there have been plenty of other games that the studio has been a part of.

With the awesome Interplay catalog sale underway on GOG.COM, we thought it would be the perfect time to look at some of these other stellar titles that have come from the studio, so join us as we touch on some of the greatest hits, and stick around for a bit of history regarding the company!

From platformers and sidescrollers to epic space adventures, there’s a lot to love so let’s dive in:

Cyberia – The first game on this list released way back in 1994 and featured amazing visuals and gameplay for its time. In this action-adventure game, you have to solve puzzles, explore the environment, and you even have the chance to control the guns in various vehicles.

Descent – The next game on our list is a first-person shooter that was first released in 1995. You play a mercenary pilot sent to eliminate an alien threat that is infecting robots. What makes this title special is that it was the first FPS game to feature true-3D …read more

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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