64Painkiller Duke Nukem 3D Map


Author: dukenukem64 I built this map with many inspirations from the game Painkiller level 1 the cemetery. Happy Halloween! The megaton version is different from the eduke32 version for fps control for those with slower pcs. For the all out version try playing eduke version. You need to take it slow and check around every […]

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BULLS Duke Nukem 3D Map


-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- /// Duke Nukem 3D – BuLLs Map /// -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Title : Bulls Filename : Bulls.MAP Author : Vedran Jelenic E-mail : vedran.jelenic@pegasus.fido.hr HomeTown : Zagreb / CROATIA >>> Feel free to send me your comments & sugestions … !?! Description : Hm, this is something like basketball hall for training of the Chicago Bulls. […]

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Turok2 Duke Nukem 3D map


Duke match version of Turok 2 cut short to fit better.Surely wont forget about my Dukematchers out there. It’s time to make tracks works for 8 player no atomics no portable medkits just battle. Tester: The Duke returns, bullerbuller7 Music: Turok 2 soundtrack “River of Souls”

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