SXSW Nominees Sale: Up to 75% off Firewatch, Owlboy, Oxenfree, INSIDE, and more!

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Let’s hear it for these amazing contestants!

The SXSW 2017 Gaming Awards are upon us. Right now, if you throw a rock from a moving car going through Austin, Texas, you’ll probably hit one of 2016’s finest games! We have rounded up these distinguished titles and we’re presenting them to you in this rather prize-worthy SXSW Nominees Sale!

It’s hardly surprising to find that Owlboy is among them. The lovely action/platformer has charmed and enchanted gamers and critics alike, with IGN comparing it to a studio Ghibli film, the Escapist finding it to be “the perfect game for anyone who enjoys the nostalgia of late 90’s platformers” and even Jim Sterling proclaiming it’s “bloody terrific“.

Ever since its launch, Firewatch has also been the subject of much discussion and admiration. Celebrated both for its striking visuals and engrossing, down-to-earth storytelling, it was called the equivalent of a captivating page-turner by Polygon and a triumph of craft by Eurogamer.

But there are also other lauded guests for you to meet in this glamorous SXSW Nominees Sale, like: Oxenfree, Reigns, INSIDE, and Orwell going for up to 75% off!

The Sale will end on March 19, 11PM UTC!

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