Sublevel Zero receives free update, levels up to Sublevel Zero Redux

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Taken to another level.

Sublevel Zero Redux, the overhauled version of the neon 6-DoF shooter, brings tons of tweaks and improvements, and is already available as a free update on Plus, you can now grab the game 35% off!

Itching to descend back into that vibrant cyberspace? Look out for all the added functionalities and extra content, including:

– Remastered campaign: An Intro campaign now helps players grasp the core mechanics before all the craziness begins, while the main campaign has also been restructured for a smoother difficulty curve
– 70 new possible room formations add variety to the procedural generation
– Teleporters that help reduce the unnecessary backtracking
– New regular and Elite enemies: There are two completely new foes, plus a dozen elite varieties of existing ones for veteran players to unlock
– New starting classes: The Seeker, which utilizes homing weapons, and the Reaver, an experimental ship designed by an unstable eccentric
– Bestiary: A codex to keep track of the enemies you meet and their unique properties
– Save and Quit functionality gives you the option to restore your session from the beginning of the current level
– VR Support: The game now fully supports Oculus Rift and HTC Vive
– Better optimization for a smoother performance
– French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Russian localizations added

What are you all still doing here? Jump into your cockpits and check out that awesome new stuff!

The 35% discount on Sublevel Zero Redux will last until July 20, 5PM UTC.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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