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Up to 90% off several camo-painted gems: Men of War series, Commandos, Xenonauts, Cannon Fodder, and more!

Attennnnn-tion! Delta Force deployed all over GOG.com today and we need to show those tough guys that we’re combat ready. This is not a drill, everyone! Right now we’ve put a discount on several of our finest military units and they’re over there, standing in line and ready for inspection. Be sure to come and check if they are indeed fit to be In the Army, soldier.

These lads are not called Men of War, for no reason. They’ve fought in both WWII and Vietnam, earning their place in history by completing mission after mission full of grueling RTS challenges. Their individual skills were quite impressive, but it was the tactical genius displayed by their commander that made all the difference.

How are you supposed to fight an enemy that is completely alien to you? The Xenonauts know how: with methodical turn-based tactics, arduous research of advanced technology, and carefully planned assaults. It’s not easy, but it’s the only way to reclaim the planet from those damn extraterrestrials.

Fight alongside the brave lads waiting inside our special In the Army sale, which also features the Commandos games, Cannon Fodder 1 & 2, Faces of War, and more up to 90% off!

The sale will last until March 26, 11 PM UTC.

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