Special Promo: King of Dragon Pass

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15 years of reign!

King of Dragon Pass, a turn-based free-form masterclass in fantasy storytelling, is now available 75% off on GOG.com to celebrate the game premiere’s 15th anniversary. That’s only $1.49 until this Sunday!

King of Dragon Pass is a unique gaming experience focused solely on the story. Each time you play the events will unfold differently, every choice matters as you lead your mountain clan down branching paths. With its free-form fantasy storytelling the game evokes the experience of having fun with “choose your own adventure” books, but allows more options and challenges at every step. King of Dragon Pass is a welcome change of pace from action-oriented you blink-you die titles. You can take your time while choosing the best course of action for your clan and seek advice within the ring of elders. The game plays a little bit like a Civilization game, a bit like an RPG, and a lot like an epic saga of hardened men and women struggling to survive. Can you lead them to glory in a strange world full of fierce creatures, tribal politics, aggression, anthropomorphic animals, and strange magic?

Choose wisely and let your clan prosper to become the King of Dragon Pass, for only $1.49 until Sunday, November 2, at 10:59AM GMT!

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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