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Snooping around the supernatural!

In The Blackwell Bundle we follow the exploits of the unlikely detective duo as they investigate four cases balancing on the edge between crime and paranormal happenings. In the first chapter of our story, The Blackwell Legacy, we witness the beginning of an unwitting partnership, as Rosa Blackwell learns about her psychic heritage, meets the ghost of Joe Mallone, and stops a series of mysterious suicides. Blackwell Unbound acts as a prequel to the series and tells the story of Rosa’s grandmother, Lauren Blackwell, who preceded her granddaughter as Joe’s medium mystery-solving partner. Back in our times Blackwell Convergence pits Rosa and Joe against a tortured soul of a murdering lunatic, that’s been haunting the Big Apple for decades. Finally, Blackwell Deception puts our detectives in harm’s way as a sinister villain manipulates them for his own dark purposes. All of the stories feature top-notch writing, remarkable voice-acting, classic pixel-art graphics, and a multitude of restless spirits.

The Blackwell Epiphany serves as the fifth and final installment of the series. As usual, the game is a real treat for the fans of classic point-and-click gameplay and traditional hand-crafted 2D graphics. The game is longer than any of the previous ones, and–being the grand finale to the story of Rosa Blackwell–it promises more excitement, drama, and danger. Our heroine and her opacity-impaired partner, the spirit-sleuth Joey Mallone, will face their ultimate challenge. Can you see them safe through it?

Get the entire 5-game-long mystery packed retroventure with The Blackwell series, available for only $12.73 until Thursday, August 21, at 9:59AM GMT.

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