Review Roundup – Absolver

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Rolling with the punches.

The summer is on its way out, most people’s holidays are behind them and what we needed right now is something exciting, punchy, and awfully addictive to get ourselves sorted.

That’s Absolver in a nutshell.

Since yesterday’s release, we’ve been roaming the servers getting beaten to a pulp, learning new moves the hard way, then returning the favor. We’re not alone either – everybody is kung-fu fighting and some kids out there are definitely fast as lightning.
Thinking of joining or challenging them? The reviews are in, and they say that you totally should.

“There’s no other game quite like Absolver. Parisian indie developer, Sloclap, has defined it as an online melee action game, which is appropriate but doesn’t quite tell the whole story. Dig a little deeper and you’ll uncover an intriguing marriage between 3D fighting games, deck builders, and online open-world RPGs, with a broad spectrum of influences ranging from Tekken, to Dark Souls, God Hand, and even Journey.”8/10 Gamespot

“That tone is, above all else, focused. Directed. Though ambitious, Absolver doesn’t let itself get caught up in trying to shove in too many details or make things too complicated. It’s about one thing — proving your hand-to-hand skills by beating up other “prospects” — and it does that one thing incredibly well.”8.5/10 Polygon

“Absolver is a game about mastery. Even exploring its pastel-colored, hauntingly quiet world becomes second nature as you play – the three main areas, each overlapping and folding back on themselves, eventually feel like a second home. You can only see a simple map – a stripped back overview of the three zones and its central hub – at rest points called shrines, but the real map is the one you create in your mind as you …read more

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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