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Holier-than-thou. Also with better units.

Warrior Kings: Battles, the sequel to the epic 3D RTS about feuding warlords, now DRM-free on

The Holy Empire of Orbis, a vast theocratic state, still lies shattered and fragmented, 100 years after the bloody rebellion against its corrupt Patriarch threw it into disarray. Now an usurper sits on the throne and a new general must rise and try to reunite all provinces in order to overthrow the evil Lord Protector.

In Warrior Kings: Battles resource gathering and army-building are crucial but more often than not battles are decided by the clever tactics and timely use of formations your troops employ during combat. The innovative Alignment system will further branch the campaign’s storyline and your multiplayer strategy options, depending on which path you choose to follow. Do you favor thick fortifications and grandiose units? Then the theocratic Imperial path is your calling. Maybe you prefer to command large numbers of disposable barbarians, backed up by demonic witchcraft. If so, the life of the Pagan is the one for you. Or you can let technological and financial supremacy tip the scales in your favor as you usher a new Renaissance upon the fragmented kingdoms.

Battle for the glory of a reunited Holy Empire and crush the opposing warlords in Warrior Kings: Battles, available now, DRM-free on

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