Release: Tropico 4 + Complete DLC

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You rule, El Presidente!

Tropico 4, the fourth entry in the beloved SimBananaRepublic series, is available now for Windows. Get it in one purchase with the Complete DLC Pack for a 75% discount!

Tropico is back for another round. You’re El Presidente, flawless, benevolent leader of Tropico – the timeless banana republic. From scattered shanties to glass skyscrapers, the people of Tropico look to you to do what it takes to propel their island nation to true riches. Navigate tense international relations between evil capitalist superpowers, facilitate the most agreeable political systems, export your precious island goods for the benefit of your nation and yourself (but just a little), become the new face of touristy t-shirts. This island world is yours, El Presidente.

Take things one step further and truly enter the 21st century with the Modern Times expansion! Tackle the new campaign, new buildings and new gameplay options for your island – but the fun doesn’t stop there. Modern Times and every bit of DLC (including Plantador, Quick Dry Cement, Pirate Heaven, Megalopolis, Vigilante, Voodoo, Propaganda!, The Academy and Apocalypse DLCs) are available in one convenient Complete DLC Pack. Get the game and the DLC pack for an entire 75% off the whole package!

Your tropical haven awaits in Tropico 4 and its Complete DLC Pack, available now DRM-free on! Take advantage of the 75% off package deal or get 60% off the game only until Tuesday, July 14, at 11:59 AM GMT.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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