Release: Three classic LEGO® games for adventurous cinephiles

Classic Games

Indy and Captain Jack are at it again!

LEGO® Indiana Jones™: The Original Adventures, Indiana Jones™: The Adventure Continues and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game are now available, DRM-free on

Battle enemies and villains, hunt treasures that any museum would like to adopt, avoid snakes and don’t forget to smirk. A LOT. It’s the Original Adventures of daring archaeologist Indiana Jones chock-full of puzzles, action, and setpieces from the iconic movies. The fun doesn’t stop there, though: The Adventure Continues with even more characters, wacky situations, and of course the ability to build your own levels and tear them apart brick by brick alongside your friends.

Once you’re done restoring priceless artifacts to their rightful place, let’s go plunder some! Captain Jack Sparrow and his ragtag Pirates of the Caribbean set sail for supernatural high jinks, cutthroat platforming, and deep-sea troubles.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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