Release: Space Rangers HD: A War Apart

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All-in-one interstellar playset

Space Rangers HD: A War Apart. A living, interconnected universe. A grand, tactical, space adventure. Available now on, 50% off for the entire first week.

Space Rangers HD: A War Apart rebuilds and improves the vast, free universe of the original Space Rangers 2. This is not just your top-down space shooter. Three distinct experiences come together to draw you into this all-in-one masterpiece: Commandeer your very own starship in an old school interstellar action RPG. Descend onto alien planets to out strategize your opponents, or take direct control of your units and dominate the battle yourself. The world of Space Rangers is perfect for trigger-happy pilots and pacifists alike: You can destroy, you can try to reason, or you can simply live and observe.

You are free to do as you want and to choose what you like to do, in Space Rangers HD: A War Apart. Expanded, remastered, and best of all – available now on for just $9.99! The 50% off special release promo will last until Tuesday, January 13th, at 11:59AM GMT.

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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