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You can’t kill the metal, the metal will slay on!

Slain: Back From Hell, the glorious re-launch of the heavy-metal action/platformer, now galvanized with facemelting improvements, is available DRM-free on for Windows, Mac, and Linux, with GOG Galaxy support for achievements and a 33% launch discount.
Those who already owned the original version before the update came out, will get Back From Hell for free plus an additional copy which they can gift to a headbanger friend! Just go to Slain: Back From Hell in your library and click on the box for a message that contains your gift code.

Metalheads, sharpen your oversized swords and prepare your sensitive ears. This is the epic, gory, and totally heavy-metal story of Bathoryn, the long-haired hero that decided to storm six creepy-looking towers, home to six terrible overlords. Will you help him wipe the toothy grins off their ugly mugs or will you let him get Slain?

Bathoryn’s adventure was off to a rocky start, but Hell cannot contain his passion for action/platforming carnage. This re-launch brings huge changes across the board, including:

Recalibrated combat and difficulty curve
Three new boss fights and changed monster attack patterns
Overhaul of certain visual elements, improved controls, and functionality
New dialogue, story elements, and sequences
Tons of other tweaks and fixes

It’s finally time for that overpowering encore you’ve been waiting for! Steel your heart and hand with heavy-metal and stage-dive into Slain: Back From Hell, DRM-free on Or raise the volume to godlike levels with the Deluxe Edition, which includes the 20-track OST by Curt Victor Bryant, a digital postcard, a wicked wallpaper, and other surprises! The 33% launch discount will last until August 22, 12:59 PM UTC.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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