Release: Skyshine’s BEDLAM OST and The Banner Saga OST

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The battlefields are alive with the sound of music

The Banner Saga Soundtrack and Skyshine’s BEDLAM Soundtrack are now available in both FLAC & MP3 formats, DRM-free on

Your caravan is battle worn and hungry, trudging through the harsh nordic lands. But aside from your dogged persuasion to reach salvation, there’s one more thing that keeps your people inspired: the wonderful Banner Saga Soundtrack, composed by the BAFTA-winning human composer Austin Wintory.

Your other caravan is thirsty, crammed inside the beastly Dozer that’s making its way through the unforgiving desert. But at least they have the Skyshine’s BEDLAM Soundtrack keeping them company on the road.

Take turns bashing the skulls of the Dredge or the horrible desert mutants and listening to The Banner Saga Soundtrack or the Skyshine’s BEDLAM Soundtrack, DRM-free on, in both FLAC & MP3 formats.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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