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Release the lynx!

Shelter 2, in which you’ll live out the day-to-day of a mother lynx, is available now for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, DRM-free on with a 10% discount – or 30% off if you already own the original Shelter.

In Shelter 2 you’ll give birth to your little cubs, raise them, teach them to hunt, and to brave the cold wilderness. It’s an absolutely unique concept in video games that’s only been explored in the original Shelter, but never quite to this extent. The sequel includes a much more vast terrain to discover, new gameplay elements with more freedom than ever, a variety of prey to hunt, and a deeper level of interaction with your little ones. Shelter 2 is a sight to behold, a climactic painterly experience that you won’t get anywhere else.

If you already own the original Shelter, you can take advantage of the fan-discount for a combined 30% off! You can also pick up the Special Edition, which includes the game’s original soundtrack.

Enter the wild once more in Shelter 2, a unique gaming experience available now on The discount will last for one week until Monday, March 16 at 2:59 PM GMT.

Pre-order pricing error:
There was an error with pre-order discounts for the game. If you pre-ordered the game with the 20% fan-discount (as opposed to 30%), make sure to get in touch with our Support team. We’ll get the difference straightened out as soon as possible!

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