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Jack into the underbelly of Hong Kong.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong, the newest entry in the revived tech-meets-magic universe, is available now for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, DRM-free on

The Shadowrun renaissance continues in Shadowrun: Hong Kong the newest Kickstarted entry in the gritty cRPG series. If you’re familiar with the increasingly impressive Shadowrun releases you should know what to expect – this time we’re entering an Awakened Hong Kong, where life is cheap and everything is for sale. You’re thrown into a high-tech-meets-magic corporate conspiracy, once again destined to navigate a complex network of contracts and social graces. If you’re not yet familiar with the series, the Shadowrun experience is a mix of brilliant writing, a unique cyberpunk universe with a splash of magic, and challenging tactical combat. It’s a cRPG lover’s dream come true, and it seems we’re not waking up anytime soon.

For more extra goodness, you can pick up the Shadowrun: Hong Kong – Deluxe Edition, complete with original soundtrack and PDF Art of Shadowrun: Hong Kong book. If you’re not ready to make the commitment before trying the game, you can always upgrade later on.

Curse, deck or charm your way across the seedy underbelly of Shadowrun: Hong Kong, available now, DRM-free on!

Stream watch:

Want to see the game in action? The MatCatPlays streaming pair will show it off tomorrow (Friday, August 21st) at starting at 10pm GMT / midnight CEST / 6pm Eastern / 3pm Pacific. Jack in, jack out!

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