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Screencheat, a multiplayer off or on-line deathmatch game with mandatory splitscreen cheating and invisible characters, is available for Windows and Mac OS X, 10% off on That’s only $13.49 for the first week!

Screencheat pays homage to iconic competitive first-person shooters such as Goldeneye, Perfect Dark and Halo, by blending the elements everyone loves about those games and shaking it up with its own unique take on the genre. When everyone’s used to playing by the rules, can you adapt to unconventional gaming quick enough to get the upper hand? Be ready for chaotic split-screen multiplayer shooter that forces players to rethink the way they approach conventional multiplayer games. In the Screencheat arena, fast reaction times aren’t enough to keep you alive. When everyone is invisible, players will have to master the art of taking a not-so sneaky look at their opponent’s screens and working out where they are based on uniquely coloured areas of the map and distinctive landmarks.

Eight original wacky weapons, five clever colorful maps, and many friedship-breaking feuds await you in Screencheat, for only $13.49 on The special 10% off release discount offer lasts until Thursday, October 30, at 12:00PM GMT.

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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