Release: Redline

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Post-nuclear gangland.

It’s 2066 and the world is a different place. While the privileged insiders live in fertile domed cities, the rest of us fight for survival in the wastelands. Rival gangs battle for supremacy, turf control and valuable resources. In order for a young man to succeed he must make the right choices about his future. That’s why you want to join the Company. It’s on you, rookie. We think you’ve got the skills, but do you have the guts to go up against the worst maniacs from the Lepers, the Templars, and the Red Sixers gangs? We’ll give you a piece, a rig, and let you try to prove yourself. No guarantees, but if you pull this off you might have what it takes to be one of us…

Redline challenges you to take on 12 insane missions in your quest to become gang warlord. Prove your skills in the arenas, eliminate rival gang members, and destroy all who oppose you. It features both vehicular and on-foot combat–jump in and out of heavily armed cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, and turrets anytime during gameplay. Blast rival gangs with over 40 unique weapons, car jack your opponents’ ride or climb up to a stationary cannon to blow away unsuspecting punks. On, the game comes with a full soundtrack in both high-quality MP3 and FLAC format.

The future might look grim and brutal, but there’s no reason not to have fun while besting its many dangers in Redline, for only $5.99 on

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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