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Losing is fun.

Prison Architect, the only prison you’ll never want to leave, is available now for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, DRM-free on featuring GOG Galaxy achievements.

After two years of alpha – Prison Architect, the premiere prison sim, is finally complete. Since its alpha premiere, it has been played by millions and became something of a household name in the indie scene, and for good reason: Prison Architect is a deep web of interlocking systems that interact with each other in complex, sometimes hilarious ways. Combined with a Dwarf Fortress-like approach, even the most insignificant problem can snowball into total chaos – but no matter what happens, losing is fun.
Playing Prison Architect is like watching the inner workings of a clock – one that you made all by yourself – and the term “like clockwork” will take on a new, particularly satisfying meaning. You’ll also tackle moral dilemmas (should you find yourself anything but indifferent). Are you about precision & efficiency, do you believe criminals should be put to work, or would you prefer to do everything in your power to reintegrate them into society? Prison Architect will not be judgmental.
The Prison Architect release introduces two major features: Story Chapters, and Escape Mode.
Story Chapters are a way for new players to get acquainted with the many facets of Prison Architect. In what resembles a condensed alpha experience, the Story Chapters will increase in complexity and introduce more and more features to the game as you go on. You’ll be running a full-blown, fully-simulated prison before you know it.
So you’ve built your prison. You’ve optimised your fortress of righteousness. Now, are you up to the challenge of escaping your very own creation? In an entertaining gameplay reversal, Escape mode puts you in the shoes of just …read more

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