Release: Prehistorik & Prehistorik 2

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It’s a modern Stone Age game!

Prehistorik & Prehistorik 2, the two greatest platformers from a rather different time, are available now for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, DRM-free on!

Prehistorik and Prehistorik 2 are a legendary duo of caveman-related platformers, where all manner of rock and dinosaur things are welcome (encouraged even) to squash you, break you, and pretty much ruin your day. As a friendly neighborhood neanderthal with a large stick and grumbling stomach, your job is to continue moving to your left while clubbing wild creatures and collecting food items to feed your tribe. Simple enough. Back in its day, the platforming and puzzle mechanics were incredibly well received, transforming the game and its sequel into an instant classic among younger gamers. If you’re looking for a bit of childhood nostalgia, or if just in the mood for a blast from a distant past, this is your chance to experience the games once again in all of their DOS glory.

Bash dinos, get yummy in Prehistorik and Prehistorik 2, available now, DRM-free on!

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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